TNI offers 30 bond-free scholarships to bright and talented students who pass a scholarship placement exam and interview process to enroll in the International Program for academic year 2018.

1. Types of Scholarships

Type One: Exemption of 100 % of tuition fee 
Type Two: Exemption of 50% of tuition fee
Type Three: Exemption of 25% of tuition fee

2. Terms and Conditions

These are bond-free scholarships which recipients must adhere to the terms and conditions as well as to maintain their academic performance in line with the criteria fixed by TNI below:

Type One: Average annual GPAX must not be lower than 3.25
Type Two: Average annual GPAX must not be lower than 3.00
Type Three: Average annual GPAX must not be lower than 2.75

** If recipient students’ academic result cannot meet the stated minimum average annual GPAX condition, the scholarship will be downgraded by one type for the next semester until their academic result is improved and meet the minimum conditions for the original scholarship level.   Please Note: Upgrading from an original grant level to a higher scholarship type is not permitted.