TNI offers bond-free scholarships to outstanding students who pass a scholarship placement exam and an interview process for the Academic Year 2022.

1. Types of Scholarships:


2. Terms and Conditions:

                These are bond-free scholarships in which recipients must adhere to the terms and conditions as well as to maintain their academic performance set by TNI below:


Please note:

2.1 Recipient students are not allowed to change or transfer to other programs or withdraw from their studies during the period of the grant, otherwise, the scholarship will be terminated. However, students may re-apply for scholarships under the terms and conditions set by TNI. Withdrawal from studies requires immediate written notice to the grantor who will determine the students’ eligibility for a further grant.  


2.2 Scholarship will not be paid in cash or cheques directly to recipients but will be credited through the registration system to be deducted from the fees of academic subjects to which recipients register under each semester. 


2.3 Termination of grants without any charges come under the following conditions:

1) Death 
2) Rendered disabled or suffering from serious illness as certified by a physician


2.4 Termination of grants with charges come  under the following conditions:

1) Improper behavior deemed by TNI as sufficient ground for scholarship termination 
2) Change of program or university without permission from TNI 
3) Inability to complete the degree requirements within the program period
4) Withdrawal of student himself for another scholarship or to study at another university 
5) Other actions that violate TNI Scholarship Regulations