Miho...Why did she choose to study at TNI?

おはようございます。私は “美穂” です

          Six years ago, Miho Takatsuka, who is half Japanese half Thai, came to Thailand at the age of 13 years old.  She was fluent in Japanese and knows some English but could not read or write Thai at all.  She was studying at Montfort College Secondary School in Chiang Mai.  Currently, she is a freshman at Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology’s International Program in International Business Management


Why is she good in Thai?
          She said that she has an elder sister and her parents have their own business in Saitama, Japan.  Although her mother is a Thai, she was raised in Japan since she was little.  Hence, she could not communicate in Thai.  Until she turned 13 years old, her parents decided to send both of them to Thailand to study Thai and learn other knowledge and skills. 

          Her method of learning Thai:  In the beginning, she used mostly English to communicate.  Later, she started to speak Thai and English with friends and to learn how to write Thai by herself. Currently, she can read and write Thai very well but keeps on improving her language skill. 


Why did she choose to study at TNI?
          Miho decided to come to TNI because TNI has an International Program in the field of her interest:  International Business Management (IBM).

          TNI Admissions went to introduce about TNI at Montfort College.  After researching about the college, she is confident to choose TNI because TNI has a good relationship with many public and private organizations as well as universities in Japan. TNI also has an exchange program with Japan universities. 

“Still studying in the first semester, I already like it here.  My friends are nice, and I learn a lot.  My favorite subject is Accounting.  I hope to enroll in the exchange program with Osaka University because I still have friends in that city.”

          Miho wanted to tell other Japanese people that Thailand is not cold and has many tourist attractions such as beautiful, gold temples as in Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai.