TNI welcomes the visit of Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

         7 March 2018, TNI welcomes the visit of H.E. Mr.Nguyen Hai Bang, Ambassador of Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and delegates at TNI. The invitation is made by TNI to His Excellency with an aim to introduce our campus, education system, others activities as well as to discuss our International Programs.  His Excellency congratulates TNI on its10th anniversary and output of qualified graduates to support businesses and industries.  He said "the demand for skillful workforce to serve Thailand 4.0 is increasing and the way that TNI produce qualified graduates through Japanese Monozukuri is interesting. Learning fundamental and technical are alsol important for their knowledge.  The scholarship for IT and Engineering programs are interesting to Vietnamese students as they can have those support to learn through the up-to-date technology.    Skillful workforce is the key factor for country development and we realized how important the people issue is. Vietnamese population is now reached 94 million and 50% of them are aged at 20 or up and most of them are school-age population”.