TNI Undergraduate Student Orientation Day or “Freshy Day” 2019

               TNI International Program and the Student Affairs Department organized the “Orientation Day” or “Freshy Day” on August 13, 2019 for all students in three international programs: Digital Engineering, Data Science and Analytics, and International Business Management.

               Associate Professor Dr. Bundit Rojarayanont, TNI President gave a Welcome Remark for the new students at the beginning of the Ceremony.  Deans from Faculties were also introduced together with Program Chairs, and Lecturers.  More detailed orientation on academic informations, classes, Lab., and other tips on successful learning were given by Faculty members.

               The Afternoon session was conducted by the Student Affairs Department on “Disciplines, Rules, Insurance, Student Activities and Student Clubs, etc.”.  

               The Day ended with a VERY VERY Warm Welcome from the Sophomore students playing games, talks and assistances to be given for the newly students, and finally a traditional Japanese Buffet Dinner to all at the “International Students Lounge”.