Guest Speaker from True Digital Group – Feb 13th, 2019

              On February 13th, 2019, Dr. Siriaksorn Jakborvornphan, the DGE Program Chair, welcomed Dr. Pasd Putthapipat, Head of Risk Management, Analytic Products, at True Digital Group Co., Ltd. at TNI.  He gave a lecture to DGE and DSA first-year students on the topic of “How to Become Data Scientist/Data Engineer in the Operation of Big Data” during DGE 113 class, Exploratory of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. 

               Dr. Putthapipat explained the importance of vast Big Data in different formats including the benefit from Big Data systems, such as stock inventory and sales.  Companies analyze these data to assist with their corporate strategic planning or to understand their targeted consumer behavior, which can differentiate them from their competitors.