Graduation Ceremony for Academic Year 2016

          Graduation Ceremony for academic year 2016 was held on 12 Nov. 2017 at Rajamangla Hall in Suanluang Rama IX. There were 834 graduates, of which 733 were Bachelor Degree and 101 were Master Degree. This year, Dr. Phasu Loharnchun, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Industry delivered a speech to new graduates.  TNI also presented  the Honorable Recognition Award to 5 honored guests in recognition of their outstanding contribution to TNI, namely: 

1. Prof.Dr. Teera Sutaboot
2.Prof.Dr. Piyawat Boon-long
3.Assoc.Prof.Dr. Thanya Kiatiwat 
4. Asst.Prof.Dr. Lerkiat Vongsarnpigoon
5. Mr. Sadayuki Sakakibara 
Chairman of TNI Council                                                        Dr. Phasu Loharnchun                                                            President of TNI


Prof.Dr. Teera Sutaboot                                                          Prof.Dr. Piyawat Boon-long                                           Mr.Kazuaki Takabayashi, representative of
                                                                                                                                                                                               Mr. Sadayuki Sakakibara