Global Business Management (GBM)


English : Global Business Management (International Program)


Full Title : Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Business Management
Abbreviation : B.B.A. (Global Business Management)


               In today's borderless world economy, both large and small companies must adapt to survive in highly competitive markets. The Global Business Management program (GBM) endeavors to produce competent graduates who meet the ever-increasing standards to compete in the workforce market of tomorrow. Therefore, students will acquire invaluable knowledge from passionate and outstanding instructors who have proven effective teaching from experience and academic distinction.


  1. This program covers many relevant topics in the international business field, such as the role of globalization, the policy of trade barriers, business environments of different countries in Asia and other emerging markets, effective building effective change management organizations, business trends of the automobile industry, marketing online, industry 4.0 model, the impact of the digital economy, the relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation, and the future of logistics. 
  2. GBM focuses not only on an effective curriculum of practical and theoretical knowledge but also involvement in hands-on business projects.
  3. Our full-time lecturers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in subject matters and can supervise students through experiences from successful professional and renowned organizations.
  4. Students will develop communication skills in English, Japanese and Thai languages.
  5. This program offers study abroad opportunity of the 3+1 program to earn a Double bachelor's degree in the USA.
  6. Opportunities for scholarships


  1. Employment in various public and private international organizations and firms
  2. Start-up or an SME enterprise owner
  3. Working in Thailand, Japan, ASEAN, or elsewhere with fluency in 3 languages
(1)  General Education Course Minimum 48 Credits
           1. Humanities 3 Credits
           2. Social Sciences 3 Credits
           3. Natural Science and Mathematics 6 Credits
           4. Languages 36 Credits
(2)  Specific Course Minimum 82 Credits
         2.1 Core Courses 30 Credits
         2.2 Required Major Courses 33 Credits
         2.3 Practice Courses  
               (I) Cooperative study   7 Credits
               (II) Internship program 1 Credits
         2.4 Elective Courses  
               (I) Cooperative study 12 Credits
               (II) Internship program 18 Credits
(3)  Free Elective Course Minimum 6 Credits

Estimates / Total Tuition Fee   120,000    Baht /    1 Year * 4 Years

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