Exchange Programs

1. International Cooperation

          TNI has cooperation agreements with universities in Japan, Japanese organizations, and ASEAN countries with the objective of sharing knowledge and resources.  The collaborations are also carried out through various academic exchange programs, joint research, joint seminars, symposiums, trainings, etc. The aim is to strengthen productive relationships between partner universities while enhancing the quality of education through an acquisition of relevant knowledge, equipping students with a well-rounded, global experience, and promoting proactive learning.

2. Student Exchange Program 

          The exchange program is a reciprocal program between TNI and partner universities for students from one institution to experience learning at another host university and to participate in subject classes or research labs over varied periods.

2.1 Exchange Programs with Partner Universities in Japan

(1) Short-term Exchange Programs

- These programs in short language courses in Japan enable TNI’s students to learn, develop, and train their Japanese and English language skill. Scholarships are available to support students in some of the programs.
- This exchange program in short course offers an opportunity for students to participate in an exchange study (from one week to three months) allowing access to relevant academic knowledge, research, and the development of language skills, along with learning about foreign cultures. With a signed cooperation agreement, students do not have to pay tuition fees. Besides, some universities provide scholarships to TNI students as well.

(2) Long-term Exchange Programs (4 months to 1-year period)

          TNI’s undergraduate students in their 3rd and 4th year can apply to study at a partner university in Japan for four months up to one year. Under some programs, courses are conducted in English along with Japanese while some are available only in Japanese. The partner university in Japan assigns the fields of study. The tuition fee is exempted, and students also have the chance to apply for scholarships from JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization). Partner universities will propose the names of students who are qualified to receive these scholarships.

(3) Study Abroad / Overseas Trip

          TNI offers programs for undergraduate and graduate level to take study tours and overseas trips. TNI, partner universities, or Japanese organizations shall be the organizer, and invite students to participate in different, and provide full or partial sponsorship every year.

2.2 Programs Initiated by TNI 

(1) TNI Summer Program is a 12-day program for Japanese students to participate in activities with TNI students as well as to exchange each country's culture.

(2) TNI Spring Program is a 12-day program for foreign students from other countries to take part in an interactive program that provides a cross-culture learning experience, which challenges students to deal with complexities that they may encounter in their lives.

(3) Co-operative Education and Internship Program accepts Japanese students from partner universities to participate in co-operative education and internships at Japanese companies in Thailand. TNI assists in all procedures and provides Thai language classes to prepare Japanese students before attending the program.

(4) Study Abroad Program is an exchange program with activities between TNI and partner universities.

(5) Robotic Workshop/ PBL Workshop Program is an exchange program designed to jointly learn and complete assigned activities together.

(6) Research Student Program offers exchange students from partner universities to study in our research laboratory. 

(7) Long-term Exchange Program (six months – one year) allows students from partner universities to study in the same classes as TNI students.


Currently, TNI has several MOUs and cooperative agreement with institutions listed below:

No. Universities Website
1 Aomori Chuo Gakuin University
2 Aso Juku
3 Baiko Gakuin University
4 Chiba Institute of Technology
5 Chiba University
6 Daido University
7 Darma Persada University (UNSADA), Indonesia
8 Eastern University, Bangladesh
9 Fukuoka Institute of Technology
10 Graduate Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies
11 Gunma University
12 Higashikawa Town
13 Hiroshima University
14 Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam
15 Hokkaido Information University
16 Hosei University
17 Institute of Technologists
18 Joinus English Language Academe, Inc. (Philinter Education Center)
19 Josai University
21 Kaetsu University
22 Kake Educational Institution
23 Kanazawa Institute of Technology
24 Kindai University
25 Kochi University of Technology
26 Kogakuin University
27 Kyushu University
28 Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute of National University of Laos
29 Lyceum of the Philippines University
30 Meiji University
31 Muroran Institute of Technology
32 Nagaoka University of Technology
33 Nagoya Institute of Technology
34 National Institute of Technology, Japan
35 National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College
36 National Institute of Technology, Nagano College
37 National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College
38 National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka College
39 NSG Group
40 Osaka Institute of Technology / Setsunan University
41 Osaka Prefecture University
42 Osaka University, Graduate School of Engineering Science / School of Engineering Science
43 Ritsumeikan University /Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
44 Salesian Polytechnic, Japan
45 Shibaura Institute of Technology
46 Shiga University
47 Shinshu University
48 Sophia University
49 The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA)
50 Tohoku Gakuin University
51 Tohoku Institute of Technology
52 Tohoku University
53 Tohoku University, Graduate School of Economics and Management
54 Tohoku University, Graduate School of Engineering
55 Tokai University
56 Tokyo Denki University
57 Tokyo Keizai University
58 Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
59 Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
60 Toyo University
61 Toyohashi University of Technology
62 Toyota Technological Institute
63 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
64 University of Miyazaki
65 Yamagata University
66 Yokohama National University, The College of Business Administration