TNI Admissions

               Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (TNI) has opened the International Undergraduate Program Admission for the Academic Year 2019 in the following programs:

  1. Digital Engineering Program (DGE), Faculty of Engineering
  2. Data Science and Analytics Program (DSA), Faculty of Information Technology 
  3. International Business Management Program (IBM), Faculty of Business Administration 


1. Admission Requirements and Qualifications 

1.1 Completed or is studying in senior high school under the following conditions:

1.1.1 Completed or is completing M.6 from accredited schools or equivalent;

1.1.2 Completed or is completing Grade 12 as per US’ school system;

1.1.3 Completed or is completing Year 13 as per UK’s school system;

1.1.4 Holds a GED or IGCSE Certificate which is equivalent to high school transcript and submitted with a certified transcript
          issued by the Ministry of Education and a guaranteed student status issued by the applicant’s school; or

1.1.5 For any qualification other than the above mentioned, please contact Admissions Center at


2. Number of Places Available

Digital Engineering Program (DGE), Faculty of Engineering

Data Science and Analytics Program (DSA), Faculty of Information Technology

International Business Management Program (IBM), Faculty of Business Administration

30 students

30 students

50 students

3. Criteria for Acceptance 

3.1 Consideration of standardized test scores and interview results

       Applicant may submit a standardized test score both in language proficiency and in a subject required by the program which has been issued less than two years before the date of application submission.




3.2 Consideration of placement test and interview results WITHOUT standardized test scores as shown in 3.1,
       Applicants are requested to complete the placement tests as follows:


4. Application Procedure 

4.1 Fill out the online application from at Check information accuracy before submitting. Print out the

       application and payment form 1,000 Baht

4.2 Pay the application fee (1,000 Baht) through TNI’s bank account or at TNI Finance Department.

      (It is important to keep the receipt as a proof of payment.)

4.3 Submit the application form personally or sent it via post to the address : Admissions Center, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology,

      1771/1 Pattanakarn Rd., Suanluang, Bangkok 10250 Thailand


5. Application Requirements

5.1 Application form with one passport-size photo 

5.2 One photocopy of Citizen ID or Passport (for non-Thai citizen)

5.3 Diploma or academic certificates: 

5.3.1 One copy of most recent Grade Report showing at least 4 semesters 

5.3.2 One copy of Certificate of Equivalent Grade Report to be certified by the Ministry of Education (for graduates
          of foreign universities)

5.3.3 One copy of GED or IGCSE certificate

5.4 Standardized English Test results from TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS or SAT I / SAT II (for those applying under standardized test
       score submission)






6. Itinerary for Application Submission 


6.1 For standardized test score submission:


6.2 For non-standardized test score submission or scholarship application


7.  Scholarships 

          TNI offers 20 bond-free scholarships to bright and talented students who pass the scholarship placement exam and interview process prior to enrollment in the International Program for the academic year 2019.

7.1 Types of Scholarships
           Type One      Exemption of 100 % of tuition fee
           Type Two      Exemption of 50% of tuition fee
           Type Three   Exemption of 25% of tuition fee

7.2 Terms and Conditions
           These are bond-free scholarships. Recipients must comply with the terms and conditions as follows:

           Recipient students must maintain their academic performance stipulated by TNI in the criteria below:  

           Type One        Average annual GPAX must not be lower than 3.25
           Type Two        Average annual GPAX must not be lower than 3.00
           Type Three     Average annual GPAX must not be lower than 2.75

Please note:


7.3 Recipient students are not allowed to change or transfer to other programs or withdraw from their studies during the period of the grant, otherwise, the scholarship will be terminated. However, students may re-apply for scholarships under the terms and conditions set by TNI. Withdrawal from studies requires an immediate written notice to the grantor who will determine the students’ eligibility for a further grant.  


7.4 Scholarship will not be paid in cash or cheques directly to recipients but will be credited through the registration system to be deducted from the fees of academic subjects to which recipients register under each semester. 


7.5 Termination of grants without any charges come under the following conditions:

1) Death 
2) Rendered disabled or suffering from serious illness as certified by a physician


7.6 Termination of grants with charges come  under the following conditions:

1) Improper behavior deemed by TNI as sufficient ground for scholarship termination 
2) Change of program or university without permission from TNI 
3) Inability to complete the degree requirements within the program period
4) Withdrawal of student himself for another scholarship or to study at another university 
5) Other actions that violate TNI Scholarship Regulations


For more details: Program Handout 2019 English Version.pdf

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