Thai-Nichi International College Application form

               Thai-Nichi International College (TNIC) has opened the International Undergraduate Program Admission for the Academic Year 2022 in the following programs:

  1. Digital Engineering Program (DGE)
  2. Data Science and Analytics Program (DSA)
  3. Global Business Management Program (GBM)
  4. Japanese for International Business (JIB)


1. Admission Requirements and Qualifications

1.1 The applicant graduated from or studying in the final term of M.6 (Grade 12) or its equivalent under the following conditions:                                                                                                                                                                                                            
          1.1.1 The applicant must have graduated or is studying in M.6 in Thai system school or graduated from English Program (EP), Intensive English Program (IEP), Bilingual program, International school, or from an overseas institution.

          1.1.2 The applicant who submits GED must pass 4 subjects with a minimum total score of 600 and also provide an official high school transcript of M.4 (Grade 10) or its equivalent with at least 2 terms.

          1.1.3 The applicant who applies with IGCSE must have IGCSE, GCSE or ‘O’ Level with at least 5 subjects and GCE ‘AS’ Level or GCE ‘A’ Level with at least 3 subjects (8 subjects in total) with a minimum grade of C or above. The applicant also has to submit an official high school transcript of M.4 (Grade 10) or its equivalent with at least 2 terms.

          1.1.4 The applicant must be in excellent physical and mental health without any of the following conditions:
         Leprosy, tuberculosis, lung disease, chronic alcoholism, heart problem, or drug addiction
         Chronic, untreatable disease


2. Number of Places Available

Digital Engineering Program (DGE)

Data Science and Analytics Program (DSA)

Global Business Management Program (GBM)

Japanese for International Business (JIB)

30 students

30 students

30 students

30 students

3. Criteria for Acceptance 

     We have 2 types of criteria for acceptance:

3.1 Consideration of placement test and interview results WITHOUT standardized test scores as shown in 3.2,
       Applicants are requested to complete the placement tests as follows:


3.2 Consideration of standardized test scores and interview results

       An applicant may submit a standardized test score both in language proficiency and in a subject required by the program which has been issued less than two years before the date of application submission.





4. Application Requirements

4.1 Completed application form affixed with one passport-size photo

4.2 One photocopy of Thai national ID card or passport (for foreign citizen)

4.3 Diploma or academic certificates: 

4.3.1 One copy of the most recent grade report showing at least 4 semesters 

4.3.2 One copy of a certificate of equivalent grade report certified by the Ministry of Education (for oversea graduation)

4.3.3 One copy of IGCSE certificate (Once you are admitted, the Office of Registrar will require an official, unopened GED test score. You may opt to send an official, unopened GED test score to Admissions who will forward to the Office of Registrar as an official test score.) or GED certificate   

4.4 Standardized English test score: TOEFL, IELTS (Academic), SAT I, or SAT II (for those applying under standardized test score submission)


5. Application Procedure 

5.1 Fill out the online application form at, double check for accuracy before submitting. 

      Print out the completed application and payment forms.

5.2 Pay the application fee of 1,000 Baht at bank cashier or at TNI Finance Department.

      (It is important to keep the receipt as a proof of payment.)

5.3 Applicants submit the application documents in person, or by post, or E-mail as follows:

               Address:  Admissions Center, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, 1771/1 Pattanakarn Rd., Suanluang,

                               Bangkok 10250 Thailand.




7.  Scholarships 

          TNI offers bond-free scholarships to bright and talented students who pass the scholarship placement exam and interview process prior to enrollment in the International Program for the academic year 2022.

7.1 Types of Scholarships
           1. Exemption of  50% of tuition fee
           2. Exemption of  25% of tuition fee


Tuition fees